Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bigger Than Me

Today is my 42nd birthday. I am up early to head off to a spiritual adventure in Panama. I got a little panicked last week looking at pics of breeching humpbacks in some dark blue water. I remembered I get seasick and vomit when I ride on boats. Then it came to me, this is bigger than me. This trip was an ache that came to me as another whale dream the night before the trip e-mail ever showed up. It became a symbol of the life I want to live, in a state of loving service, heavily seasoned with artistic expression and adventure.

I even got a confirmation sighting.
That's a humpback feeding off Hendry's beach. It looked like a giant cucumber, just sitting there in the water.

I'll let you know what comes up. I am hoping to get some clarity about my life so far and where I'll be headed in the future.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I never spoke of Rome

If I had to sum up Rome in August 2010, it would be "beautiful, clean, clear, icy cold fountains, art, ancient architecture, spaghetti alla carbonara, walking, gelato and Marcel, the puppeteer". The apartment Tom rented for our stay was a PALACE. It was ON Piazza Navona and was bigger than our house. We had an official tour of the Colloseum, the Forum and an unofficial, self-guided tour of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel. We ate the BEST gelato in Rome. The girls went to a bar together and legally drank shots of aqua vita or some awful liquor (which couldn't happen here for two and a half more years). All in all, HEAVEN.