Saturday, December 11, 2010

Life Gets Funnier

Last week was our 12th wedding anniversary. Anyone who has been married this long with children knows what an accomplishment this is. Especially for me, since this is how long I have been a step mother. I have been feeling sorely disconnected from my spouse for some time, as he isn't much of an expresser of emotion. I feel like I am constantly doing my "WOW" dance around him (you know the one- where you show all your superhuman capabilities, day after day after day, hoping for your spouse your gush with love for you)  but sadly finding that his blackberry gets way more attention than I do. So, in this lull of passion in my marriage, I have concluded that I LOVE my family so much that no matter what, I will stick it out. My mom says in response to this epiphany, "you should get bangs. It will save your marriage".  So I make an appointment and get my hair cut. I also come out into the living room on the morning of our anniversary, wearing my wedding gown.

I say, hey, if you can't wear your wedding gown on your anniversary, then when can you wear it?

The dress won't zip past my waist. It seems my bust and ribcage have increased in size since my wedding day. Could it be that my heart has grown two sizes larger?  Tom asks, "did the dress shrink?", no, I'm pretty sure it was those kids, all four of them, that helped my heart grow.

I pretty up my new hair and go back to the wedding attire to collect the veil. Hey, if you can't wear the dress, you can always wear the veil on your anniversary.

Then, I ask Tom if he will be seen with me wearing my veil all day. He says "sure".

The little kids are in a Christmas play, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, playing Saturday and Sunday, 2PM and 7PM at the Santa Barbara Community Church next weekend, December 18 and 19. Aidan has his first speaking role. I have been setting him up for one of his lines by playing the character, Mrs. McCarthy. Out of the blue, Thursday morning, the director e-mails me saying that the actress playing Mrs. McCarthy had to drop out due to a family emergency and would I like to read for the role. I am not kidding. ME. I haven't officially acted since High school, although, I did work in pharmaceutical sales for nine years, which requires a bit of acting ability. I read for the part, and found out late last night that he wants me to take it. I am nervous about memorizing cues and lines, so I decided to write them all on my arm in sharpie.

I figure, I'm an adult now. I can manage myself however I want. So, if you would like to experience a bit of my funny life, come see my adult stage debut. I might just wear my veil.