Monday, June 21, 2010


 I really need to thank my friend, David Sylvester. He has chosen to live in such a way that inspires me deeply. Since 2001, he has ridden his bicycle across the US twice, spanned the African continent from Cairo to Capetown, peddled across Asia, through much of the former Soviet Union all the way into Beijing, and aspires to  move himself to every available region on the planet, I suspect.

David's adventures will be available to re-live when his book, Traveling at the Speed of Life, is published in the near future. I have had the privilege to read many chapters and love the way he connects with the people he encounters, no matter their culture of origin or barrier of language. He thrives on human interaction and the feeling of wind on his body created solely from moving the pedals of his bicycle. He says he doesn't bike to race, he bikes because he loves where it takes him.

After reading so many of David's chapters, I began to feel trapped. I wanted experiences like these. Then, since timing is everything, the Panama Whale Adventure came at the perfect time.  In honor of myself, and my children for whom I want to model a spirit of adventure, I have sent in my deposit for a week in Panama's Pearl Islands, beginning on September 25th, my 42nd birthday. Thank you to all my family and friends who support me in this life of adventure. Thank you Denise, for your encouraging comment from my last blog. I want this experience and much more.

I am going to need help though. If you would like to support me in making this dream happen, I would encourage you to buy a Shelley creation. I have been making therapeutic belly chains for many years now. They have helped many people in many ways. Last summer I made one for a friend who had been trying to conceive for quite a while (possibly a year). It was a chain with stones to aid in fertility, conception, and pregnancy. She became pregnant within two months and delivered twins in May. 
Belly chains can be created for any issue, or in any color family. My intuition is very good, if you would like to just trust me.  The cost for chakra-specific or custom chains are $95-145.

I make oils for the body. They are jojoba based with specific essential oils and therapeutic gemstones for different properties. They soften and heal the skin and infuse loving energy into to the aura. I have gone through many many ounces and know you will love these! $20.

I make soy wax candles in the same way I make oils, using therapeutic essential oils and gemstone crystals that get kerplunked right into the wax.  They are clean burning, long burning, pretty candles. I include a hand painted box of wooded matches with each candle. $14,24, 34 for 4, 8 and 12 oz. sizes.

I can make simple gemstone drop earrings ($15), just specify a color or stone you might want. I also make wire hoop earrings with gemstone drops ($20.)

Leather bracelets with sterling silver wire, clasps and gemstones ($30). 

And check my website for my book and cards.

If you would like to support me by purchasing anything, go to my site:

 e-mail me with specific requests, or just leave it in the comments section!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Dream About Whales

I dream about whales. I have had about five very memorable, significant dreams in the past year and a half where I am somehow interacting with whales. I take it as sign. Whales are important for me.  A friend of a friend is a psychic and channel. She does guided meditations, toning, energy work, readings and she communicates with whales by toning with them. I have subscribed to her daily meditations, which I LOVE and partook of a remote group session recently and find that her energy is true. I feel nothing but authenticity and power behind the work she is doing.  Night before last, I had another whale dream. There were three enormous humpbacks coming right up to a balcony, where I stood overlooking the ocean, to feed. Their enormous mouths opened to eat, although in the dream it seemed unusual that they should be feeding so close to shore. It was powerful. They were so big and desirous of a closer experience.

I woke up that morning to an e-mail from Aleya, the energy worker, with an invitation to join her in Panama on September 26, the first day of my 42nd year, to tone and interact with whales for five days. I want to go. There is only room for twelve. It will cost $2,000. I want to go. I want to have more magical experiences like this. What do you think?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Madonnari 2010

Life as a Kid In Santa Barbara

Summer vacation is here. I am juiced up for some creative adventures with the kids. This summer's big project will be a "show", in episodes, with the name, "Life as a Kid in Santa Barbara". This town is so full of fun and beauty and possibilities for adventure, I just want to eat it up.  While I was napping, I had the kids make a list of possible episodes. They will report, documentary-style, and I will film, edit and produce. They will also create their own commercials.  It will be great fun. I hope you want to share some of it with me. Maybe we will get picked up by channel 17, the local cable station. You never know. We will also be painting, reading, swimming, drawing, and one of us will be playing her sax a lot.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Forces of Nature

Timing. I have seen three of my girls through three graduations in the past ten days. They have worked very hard to get to the places they are now standing. I am so proud of them and also proud of myself for supporting them in their journeys and not tripping them up with my stepmotherly status. I cherish them and the women they are all three becoming. They are forces of nature.

 Cadence is my beautiful storm, commanding, noteworthy, joyful in her every move, messy and real. She is intelligent, articulate and asks for what she wants. She will part waters when she chooses to.

Quinlan is my forest, quiet, still, comforting, cooling, a being who nurtures life. Her joy is like leaves rustling in a warm wind, her beauty is spring blossoms on articulated branches. She is ancient wisdom and will nurture many with her love and continuity.

Faith is my ocean. She is powerful molded waves, inviting dolphins to surf with her, whales to breech, jellies to float. She is strong and gentle at the same time, loving and fierce. At only 13, I can feel her power, her ability to lead and nurture, to flow and meld.

They have graduated from college, high school and jr. high. Now they move on to their next adventures, which I will celebrate with them, each in turn.