Friday, June 04, 2010

Forces of Nature

Timing. I have seen three of my girls through three graduations in the past ten days. They have worked very hard to get to the places they are now standing. I am so proud of them and also proud of myself for supporting them in their journeys and not tripping them up with my stepmotherly status. I cherish them and the women they are all three becoming. They are forces of nature.

 Cadence is my beautiful storm, commanding, noteworthy, joyful in her every move, messy and real. She is intelligent, articulate and asks for what she wants. She will part waters when she chooses to.

Quinlan is my forest, quiet, still, comforting, cooling, a being who nurtures life. Her joy is like leaves rustling in a warm wind, her beauty is spring blossoms on articulated branches. She is ancient wisdom and will nurture many with her love and continuity.

Faith is my ocean. She is powerful molded waves, inviting dolphins to surf with her, whales to breech, jellies to float. She is strong and gentle at the same time, loving and fierce. At only 13, I can feel her power, her ability to lead and nurture, to flow and meld.

They have graduated from college, high school and jr. high. Now they move on to their next adventures, which I will celebrate with them, each in turn.

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