Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What is a Crush Anyway?

It happens to me a lot. I see the spark in someone. It could only be for a moment, even in passing, some sort of recognition. I have learned how to enjoy it without it becoming a problematic issue. It's like seeing someone's true self, unveiled, quickly, just a peek, and if you are paying attention, you might witness something amazing. It happens a lot. I see a lot of these sparks of truth. I see through all sorts of layers. I see it in all realms of age and gender, although the "crush" feeling only hits me with a certain type of person. I know how to maintain a safe distance, to reel in my own true self, my own sparkle, when I know that I have been witnessed too. It's so fun!

Green Week

It was a green week. I had a cold, staying home with two kids Monday, and one kid Tuesday and Wednesday. I made pins for St. Patrick's day for the kids at school who weren't wearing green. Mercy pins to keep them from being pinched. I made way too much shepard's pie. Practiced being OK with just being.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Kieran's Painting

Kieran is funny. Kieran is a natural. Kieran has gifts. Kieran is insecure when I compliment Aidan on anything. Lucky for me, I have dealt with the likes of Kieran before, in her older sister, Cadence. I thought it was because I was her stepmom. I thought the divorce did it to her, her ego and insecurity all rolled into one. Now I see, in Kieran, another fiery talent, that it is the dragon in both of them. Kieran has lead a charmed life, with loving attentive parents who feed her creativity and expose her to the world, culture, art and music. She displays so many of the same character traits that her sister has, I see now that I have been "warmed up" here for Kieran.

Here are some Kieran pics, if you don't peruse her blog regularly.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mrs. Meaney's Beauty Tip

"Mrs. Meaney, will you make me a pin with my name on it?"

"If you pick up that trash, yes."

"Mrs. Meaney, will you make me a pin that says save the wave?"

"Go sort compostables, recycleables, trash and liquids and it's a yes."

Mrs. Meaney, if I help today, will you make me a pin with Darth Maul and my name on it?"

"Yes Tyler, I will."

Here's a beauty tip I discovered yesterday.
If you have a Mac, go on to photo booth and choose effects. Select "mirror image" and align your face perfectly. Look how perfectly perfect I look! No asymmetry. No crooked smile. Now weird squinty eye.

This is the real me. Not bad.

Or you can do this:

Monday, March 08, 2010

Why Say Yes

I love to say yes. I know this about myself. I love to have adventures, I love to make things for people, I love to give it away, I love the risk and daring promise of the "yes". I wish I could say yes more. I was invited by one of my friends to accompany her on a bonzai trip to Australia. She invited me on Friday for a trip that commenced Sunday night at ten. Now, if I didn't have kids, a husband, commitments, and had made a promise to conserve our finances, I would have jumped on that plane so fast, I wouldn't have even blinked. Yes!

It got me thinking about the fun I have been able to experience. Since I have been married and had kids, I have traveled with girlfriends to Portland, the Sierras and Alaska. I have gone to NYC with my mom and sisters twice. I have had many an evening of sweat-lodge or full moon magic.

 I said yes to my first trip abroad when I was sixteen, not knowing how I would ever finance it but determined, I found a way. At eighteen, I traveled spontaneously to Sweden for a summer based a request made via long distance phone call. After college, I went to Ecuador for two months in a blissful state of misery because a professor whom I admired suggested that I go. I love to say yes!

Here is my list of things I want badly to say yes to. The yesses are very much about me as an individual. These are not familial yesses. Those are a given. Where my family goes, I go. My personal yes list is as follows:

A spiritual walking journey through the powerful grid lines of Spain (The Camino de Whatever- I don't know the name, only that I want to go) with my coven of whales, Jill and Krista. We have planned for this to happen in ten years. Lucky for us, I am patient.

A trip to India or Bhutan and Thailand with a friend who can show me the real way.

South America, to Incan ruins, Central America to Mayan sites of power, to experience the full energetic marvels that await me there.

What ever comes up that excites and intrigues me. I love the adventure of being surprised!

I also love to say yes to the kids at school who ask me to make them things. There is so much power in the "yes" response. I really love it.

So my friend went to Australia on a huge adventure. I am so proud of her for saying yes. It is a secret that people are beginning to discover that yes is a hell of a lot more fun than no.

Monday, March 01, 2010

My Friend

I have a friend, David, whom I've never actually met. My sister, Stephanie met him in an airport gift shop. He was one of "those people" whom you just know, even though you don't know. I knew, the first time I read a chapter of the book he was presenting to a publisher in Santa Barbara that he was someone important to me. I knew he was exceptional and I was in a position to be friend to an angel incarnate. No pressure, David, angels in human bodies are supposed to fuck up and be real. I e-mailed him as "Stephanie's sister" and we have become friends, talking now and again, e-mailing and texting. David has been sending me chapters of his book, for me to read and feel, while he is editing. Each chapter he has sent has lead me to a different emotion, a different experience and a different theme to ponder. I am reading one of the most important books of my life and it hasn't even been published yet. I can't believe how lucky I am to have this new/old friend who trusts me enough to share this precious work. It is beautiful, thought provoking, eloquently written and timely. My friend's book is called Traveling at the Speed of Life. You are going to want to read it too. It is that good. is David's official site if you would like to check it out.