Monday, March 08, 2010

Why Say Yes

I love to say yes. I know this about myself. I love to have adventures, I love to make things for people, I love to give it away, I love the risk and daring promise of the "yes". I wish I could say yes more. I was invited by one of my friends to accompany her on a bonzai trip to Australia. She invited me on Friday for a trip that commenced Sunday night at ten. Now, if I didn't have kids, a husband, commitments, and had made a promise to conserve our finances, I would have jumped on that plane so fast, I wouldn't have even blinked. Yes!

It got me thinking about the fun I have been able to experience. Since I have been married and had kids, I have traveled with girlfriends to Portland, the Sierras and Alaska. I have gone to NYC with my mom and sisters twice. I have had many an evening of sweat-lodge or full moon magic.

 I said yes to my first trip abroad when I was sixteen, not knowing how I would ever finance it but determined, I found a way. At eighteen, I traveled spontaneously to Sweden for a summer based a request made via long distance phone call. After college, I went to Ecuador for two months in a blissful state of misery because a professor whom I admired suggested that I go. I love to say yes!

Here is my list of things I want badly to say yes to. The yesses are very much about me as an individual. These are not familial yesses. Those are a given. Where my family goes, I go. My personal yes list is as follows:

A spiritual walking journey through the powerful grid lines of Spain (The Camino de Whatever- I don't know the name, only that I want to go) with my coven of whales, Jill and Krista. We have planned for this to happen in ten years. Lucky for us, I am patient.

A trip to India or Bhutan and Thailand with a friend who can show me the real way.

South America, to Incan ruins, Central America to Mayan sites of power, to experience the full energetic marvels that await me there.

What ever comes up that excites and intrigues me. I love the adventure of being surprised!

I also love to say yes to the kids at school who ask me to make them things. There is so much power in the "yes" response. I really love it.

So my friend went to Australia on a huge adventure. I am so proud of her for saying yes. It is a secret that people are beginning to discover that yes is a hell of a lot more fun than no.

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