Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mrs. Meaney's Beauty Tip

"Mrs. Meaney, will you make me a pin with my name on it?"

"If you pick up that trash, yes."

"Mrs. Meaney, will you make me a pin that says save the wave?"

"Go sort compostables, recycleables, trash and liquids and it's a yes."

Mrs. Meaney, if I help today, will you make me a pin with Darth Maul and my name on it?"

"Yes Tyler, I will."

Here's a beauty tip I discovered yesterday.
If you have a Mac, go on to photo booth and choose effects. Select "mirror image" and align your face perfectly. Look how perfectly perfect I look! No asymmetry. No crooked smile. Now weird squinty eye.

This is the real me. Not bad.

Or you can do this:


Kaminski Family said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha too funny and so awsome. Mrs Meaney you're the best!!!

jill said...

jeez I thought that first one looked weird!! waaaay too perfect! it was the eyes....

tyler is so happy.... :D