Monday, March 15, 2010

Kieran's Painting

Kieran is funny. Kieran is a natural. Kieran has gifts. Kieran is insecure when I compliment Aidan on anything. Lucky for me, I have dealt with the likes of Kieran before, in her older sister, Cadence. I thought it was because I was her stepmom. I thought the divorce did it to her, her ego and insecurity all rolled into one. Now I see, in Kieran, another fiery talent, that it is the dragon in both of them. Kieran has lead a charmed life, with loving attentive parents who feed her creativity and expose her to the world, culture, art and music. She displays so many of the same character traits that her sister has, I see now that I have been "warmed up" here for Kieran.

Here are some Kieran pics, if you don't peruse her blog regularly.


Kaminski Family said...

I love KI Ki, she so adorable...even when she looks like an alien.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog! Love the paintings! Love, love, love the dragon!! xoxo g. Kitty