Monday, May 31, 2010

Saturday and Sunday at the Mission

Update: Saturday and Sunday were hot, productive and filthy dirty. Kieran finished her image of the constellations Pegasus and Taurus. Tom finished all three faces and two hands. He just has clothes and touch ups to complete this morning. Jill is painting me a beautiful label image. I can just smell the oils/candles that will go with it. So far, it's been a perfect festival.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival

This weekend (and right at this very moment) our family engages in an activity of passion. The passion is in the expression of art in chalk on the parking lot asphalt of the Santa Barbara Mission.  Tom, my husband began this activity 24 years ago. He and some friends would re-create the work of the Masters for all to enjoy in the tradition of Italian festivals of the same name.  The year we became engaged, Tom began doing original works. He is a gifted portrait artist and shows his talent for all to see at this festival every year. He is in his 13th year of original works.

Our daughter, Kieran has the passion of expression through art too. Tom has sponsored a square for her for the last three years. I am her roadie. I fill in background color and encourage her, like a stage mom. The work is ALL hers and I make sure to keep it that way.

My best friend, Jill is also an artist at I Madonnari. Her work inspires me. I use it whenever I can in my labels and cards for my candles, oils and whatever else I come up with.

Here are a few pics- just to show rather than tell.

Tom in 2007

Tom's drawing in 2008

Jill's painting 2009

Kierans work, 2007- she was seven!

Kieran 2008

Jill 2008

Kieran 2009

Tom 2009.

You can imagine how busy I am.

Tom 2005 (I think)

Friday, May 14, 2010

I Know This Is Bold But...

I try to understand the body/soul relationship. I realize that my body is a vessel. I feel that my soul is luminous. I see myself reflected in so many people. I know that I am seen. I know that I am a being of beauty, but the reality is that I am over weight. My husband and I discussed it last night. He doesn't have the nerve to come right out and say it, but in a roundabout way of not denying my suggestive phrases,  I am too overweight for his liking and he would like it more if I were more fit, and less fluff. Now, I struggle with this whole concept because every day, since I was 15, I have looked at myself in the mirror and seen at least something that I could choose to focus on in a negative light. Even when I was young, firm, fit, and seemingly perfect, I couldn't see it. At 41, I have learned to love my body, the strong, capable, malleable vessel that it is, as it is, whatever that may be from day to day. Now, just like the Bonnie Rait song says, I say to my husband, "I can't make you love me if you don't".  I can keep up with my hiking and circuit training, dancing, walking fast on the beach because I love it and because my body loves to be pushed, but this may be as good as it gets. If it's not good enough, then dearest husband, I beg you to look deeper into my eyes until you see the luminous being that is inside. Maybe then you will love my body, be it fat, thin, saggy, firm, blotchy, whatever not because of it's shape but because of what it holds.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Full Circle

Henney came to us because of a baby quail and a windy day, completely out of the blue. I had a love/hate relationship with this creature. She ripped up my garden, pecked a hole in my screen door and pooped all over, everywhere. She also gave us beautiful eggs; one a day for nine out of 12 months a year. She fertilized our yard and added life to our space, using every inch for her pleasure. I loved her demeanor, fearless and feisty. She appeared to be smart and she was very brave. She knew us as individuals and would get very excited when Tom would appear to her from the window. She knew he would give her dry dog food, her favorite treat.  She was our pet, and in our own ways, we all love her. 
A big bird of prey swooped into our yard today and took our hen's life but couldn't carry her away because she was too big. She had a great life and I can say with confidence that she was a happy bird.
We now have two chicks, Sandy and Luna. 'Cause, I guess now we are chicken people.

Friday, May 07, 2010


I can't help it. I have been sick since this time last week, and yet I feel joy. Even with my sinuses full of mucus, my eyes red and oozing, my snorting cough enough to drive my husband to the couch at night, I feel joy. Could it be the bright blue sky? The green mountains, the warm breeze? I can't really explain it, only that I have succumb to my emotions, what ever they might be, and they happen to be joyous, even though I have been sick and even though I am tiered, Joy fills my heart.

I had a reiki session today with Krista, JOY. I am making dinner tonight for the Taylors, Quinlan's boyfriend's parents, JOY. I am looking forward to squeezing my nieces, Mere and Brit, home from college for the summer, JOY. I look forward to editing a movie of Kieran and her two friends that we filmed last week, JOY. I want to make leather, bejeweled cuffs galore, JOY. I have been sleeping and napping like it is heaven on earth, JOY. What's with me? JOY. I just can't explain it. It's freakish.

The kids and I watched a program on Nat Geo last night on THE KNOWN UNIVERSE. It was mind expanding to say the least. There is so much more to the universe than we first thought. It keeps getting better and better. JOY. I will leave you with some images that make my heart soar.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Something New

My first leather cuff! Stacy and I went to Tandy Leather in Ventura on Tuesday. I bought a bag of leather scraps, a leather needle and some waxed thread. Yesterday, I met and was inspired by a sweet woman who makes her own silver charms to place on beautiful leather cuffs. I wanted one, but knew I shouldn't spend the $75 just now, so I came home and made my own! I love the ingenuity I have and am unafraid to use. Ahhhhh, a new inspiration. Would you like one too? Just say the word!

For Jill.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Feeling Better

You know you are feeling better when a veggie corn dog seems like a good post dinner snack, and because you can find no mustard you create a "sauce" out of mayonaise and el pato ( a mexican tomato sauce made with spicy jalepeno). It is so tasty, you make some more (sauce, that is) because your calorie cop, I mean, husband, is not at home and you eat it with chips. Yep, you, I mean I, must be feeling better.