Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival

This weekend (and right at this very moment) our family engages in an activity of passion. The passion is in the expression of art in chalk on the parking lot asphalt of the Santa Barbara Mission.  Tom, my husband began this activity 24 years ago. He and some friends would re-create the work of the Masters for all to enjoy in the tradition of Italian festivals of the same name.  The year we became engaged, Tom began doing original works. He is a gifted portrait artist and shows his talent for all to see at this festival every year. He is in his 13th year of original works.

Our daughter, Kieran has the passion of expression through art too. Tom has sponsored a square for her for the last three years. I am her roadie. I fill in background color and encourage her, like a stage mom. The work is ALL hers and I make sure to keep it that way.

My best friend, Jill is also an artist at I Madonnari. Her work inspires me. I use it whenever I can in my labels and cards for my candles, oils and whatever else I come up with.

Here are a few pics- just to show rather than tell.

Tom in 2007

Tom's drawing in 2008

Jill's painting 2009

Kierans work, 2007- she was seven!

Kieran 2008

Jill 2008

Kieran 2009

Tom 2009.

You can imagine how busy I am.

Tom 2005 (I think)


jill said...

wow, thanks for the plug!! honored to be in company with Kieran and Tom. and really.....NONE of us could do it without YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Krista said...

I can't wait to see this year's creations! So glad to have such talented people to call friends!