Sunday, May 02, 2010

Something New

My first leather cuff! Stacy and I went to Tandy Leather in Ventura on Tuesday. I bought a bag of leather scraps, a leather needle and some waxed thread. Yesterday, I met and was inspired by a sweet woman who makes her own silver charms to place on beautiful leather cuffs. I wanted one, but knew I shouldn't spend the $75 just now, so I came home and made my own! I love the ingenuity I have and am unafraid to use. Ahhhhh, a new inspiration. Would you like one too? Just say the word!

For Jill.


jill said...

oooooooooooooo!!!! me me me me me!!!! sign me up, I want one now!!! for the other hand.....oooo I love it!!

i'll buy it and leave change for those gemstones you gave me....they were what sold my nicer pieces!

Mere said...

yes please!!!!!

Britt said...

i want one too!!!
those are so cool!!!