Saturday, May 08, 2010

Full Circle

Henney came to us because of a baby quail and a windy day, completely out of the blue. I had a love/hate relationship with this creature. She ripped up my garden, pecked a hole in my screen door and pooped all over, everywhere. She also gave us beautiful eggs; one a day for nine out of 12 months a year. She fertilized our yard and added life to our space, using every inch for her pleasure. I loved her demeanor, fearless and feisty. She appeared to be smart and she was very brave. She knew us as individuals and would get very excited when Tom would appear to her from the window. She knew he would give her dry dog food, her favorite treat.  She was our pet, and in our own ways, we all love her. 
A big bird of prey swooped into our yard today and took our hen's life but couldn't carry her away because she was too big. She had a great life and I can say with confidence that she was a happy bird.
We now have two chicks, Sandy and Luna. 'Cause, I guess now we are chicken people.

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Kaminski Family said...

Yea I think you are chicken people. So sorry for your "foul" loss.