Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Dream About Whales

I dream about whales. I have had about five very memorable, significant dreams in the past year and a half where I am somehow interacting with whales. I take it as sign. Whales are important for me.  A friend of a friend is a psychic and channel. She does guided meditations, toning, energy work, readings and she communicates with whales by toning with them. I have subscribed to her daily meditations, which I LOVE and partook of a remote group session recently and find that her energy is true. I feel nothing but authenticity and power behind the work she is doing.  Night before last, I had another whale dream. There were three enormous humpbacks coming right up to a balcony, where I stood overlooking the ocean, to feed. Their enormous mouths opened to eat, although in the dream it seemed unusual that they should be feeding so close to shore. It was powerful. They were so big and desirous of a closer experience.

I woke up that morning to an e-mail from Aleya, the energy worker, with an invitation to join her in Panama on September 26, the first day of my 42nd year, to tone and interact with whales for five days. I want to go. There is only room for twelve. It will cost $2,000. I want to go. I want to have more magical experiences like this. What do you think?


Denise said...

I think that you must go on your whale excursion! Your spirit would be fed then you will write about it and we will be fed! The good is all around!
Maybe you could place a PayPal link on your blog then your readers will donate to help fund your trip!

just a thought!

Jana Dieter said...

I think you will go. And carry all of our love with you.