Sunday, March 11, 2007


The day was warm, like a caress. It left me with my shoulders bared and comfortable in a skirt with bare feet. It was truly spring in Santa Barbara- eighty five with bulbs emerging and a warm breeze even in the shade. Present. I am and it was. I even wrote a thank you note- in advance- to the universe for the presents to come in the remainder of the year. I know I will not be disappointed. I always get what I ask for. I am thankful for my future connections in business- more belly chain orders and people excited about my "Presents of the Present" cards. I am grateful for the impact I will make on the world, the lives I will change. I thanked the universe for my healthy, beautiful, fit body, for the adventures we would have as a family on our travels and for my husband and his prosperous business. I am a wealthy, content woman who dares to devour each day with lust and appreciation for the smallest distraction. If today were a gift, it would have been wrapped in cornflower blue paper and tied with a lime green and fushia striped bow. It would have been one of many many gifts that I have come to appreciate and share. I hope I can share one with you. Write your thank you note. deliver it. Move through your days as if it has already come.

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