Monday, February 04, 2008

Family Discount

You know all those excercizes in The Secret, and umpteen other self-help sources that advise you to ASK for what you want and need, that only THEN can the universe provide? So many souls won't even ask. They shut the door on themselves, actually rarely even opening it in the first place, before they risk having the door slammed on their needy, wanting hearts. What a waste. Thankfully, I have become rather good at the asking, and then letting go of the result that may or may not manifest itself. My track record is sound. This technique works. You need proof? No problem.

I recieved my first Wish Box when I was a teenager in the 1980's. I remember that it was a gift and that it was wooden and simple and somewhat mystically pained with copper swirls or triangles or something. The wish box came with simple instructions. Place your written wishes in the box. I remember writing my "wishes", you know, all those things that would lighten the burden of worry from my heart, on tiny strips of paper. I usually wrote the requests as polite inqueries to God, that I may please have.... oh let's say as an example..., a means to go to college, always followed by a sincere Thank You just for taking the time to consider the request. Two years later, from this inquery, I somehow, in a weird twist of fate and events unfolding, found myself in line to take the picture for my student I.D. at California State University, Long Beach. My sister Stacy, who played volleyball on a full scholarship, had brought me home an application and henpecked me until I mailed it, and my transcripts in. I should have seen the foreshadowing of future events...., but I'm getting off track.

The wish box recieved new wishes varying in magnitude of levels of probablity that they would happen, sometimes desparately begging,...."PLEASE let Andrew marry ME!!" And somehow I never gave up on the box, even when some of the really really important events, like Andrew marrying me, just refused to take place. Oh, but then, I have patience. I never took the long wait as a NO answer. I just figured the wish was fulfilled somewhere in the future. Me and Andrew, simple gold bands in a courthouse, with no beautiful dress and no bride's maids - I didn't need all that- Oh, just to be Mrs. Pott. I chuckle now, from this vantage point, at this sweet girl who refuses to give up on things that obviously aren't for her. Ahhh, youth.

When the wishes were fulfilled, like graduating from college, the strip of paper would be thrown away to make room for new wishes. Sometimes I would clean out old wishes, not wanting them any more. Either way, I was always relieved of the burdon of worry that my life would unfold in ways I could not forsee. Like a present.

As an intermediate level wish-maker, I think I used an urn or a piece of pottery, even my journal with the pages left in the binding as wish box, and successfully got:

A real job with a salary, as opposed to a paycheck.

A cool apartment in Santa Barbara with a shoebox-sized ocean view when you looked from the level of the kitchen counter with your cheek pressed up against the glass,




A Husband/Family,

A Baby,

A House, we could afford,- actually the house we wanted but were told we absolutely could not buy because it wasn't nor would it ever be for sale,

My Dream Car,

My Destiny/Soul's Purpose, made so clear that there could be NO question as to the concreteness of the fact that that's what it was,

My Soul Mate, (who happens to be the man I married nearly ten years ago!).

Here's what the wish box/Universe has denied me:

My career in Pharmaceutical Sales,

My career as a therapeutic gemstone jewelry practitioner,

My career as creator of uplifting spiritual enlightment-inducing cards,

My thin, firm body,

My perpetually flat stomach, (actually, I may have spoken too soon on these two items- something odd is happening to my body, even though I have been eating dessert after or for every meal)

My freedom in the form of bringing in my own income/ AKA, my "financial" independence.

as a side note, I have defied the universe on this one, because I have still acted as if the money was mine, making all the hard choices, like "should I spend $133 dollars on something so frivolous as a fully reversable emerald and purple, full length cape, just because I really want it, even though I run out of money each month before the next paycheck comes in from the Boss for managing the household's expenses?" Yep. I bought it. And you know where that got me.

I'm telling you, I have gotten flat out balsy in the requests I've been making to the universe these days. In the past two months I have ordered a pay-off of all outstanding mortages (around $550,000 dollars), A pay off of my car, (anither $24 thou), updating some things in the house including but not limited to: new bathroom, new living room furniture, new bamboo flooring throughout the living room area, a new fence in the back yard, a new water heater, solar panels and I think that was all that was formally requested in the new year.

Now here's where the real fun begins. I called up Stacy, my sister, and left a message on the family answering machine saying, and I quote, "Hi, this is Shelley and I'd like to place an order from the Universe for equipment to film the feature length, major release documentary I am going to make. I would also like to order a computer large enough to edit this masterpiece with the highest quality. In addition, the time and finances required to make this endever come to fruition. And PUT A RUSH ON IT, Universe, this project needs to start yesterday." When the Universe Rep. called me back, I had her read me my order, just to make sure she got it right. She assurred me with confidence that it was on it's way. I have to say, it is so nice dealing with people you can trust. It just alleviates the need to worry about things like did she get the size and quantity right? Does she know that I need resources of all types to make this happen, not just the money- I need a support staff, like an agent and an editor, and a secretary and someone to carry my film equipment through airport terminals so that I may leave my hands free for holding on to those of my children and husband.?

Oh, this Rep is good. She really gets the nuances of the unspoken request. She just takes the liberty of inflating your order to include the things you didn't know you needed. I am so pleased with her service that I have sent a business reply card to the Universe, thanking them for sending Stacy to me as my Rep (and my big sister). I am sure a raise is in store for her. I think she's already ordered it. Oh, and she is so good, I didn't even need to pull that old, overly used card, requesting the "Family Discount".

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