Friday, September 18, 2009

Raising Kids is an Art Form

Hey! Remember me? I have been having so much fun reading my sister Stephanie's blogs I feel like I don't need to write. Instead of writing a long essay with some meaningful theme, I'll just make a list of what I know today. Here it is. Just for today. I can't claim to know these things tomorrow or the next day.

*If we could eliminate fear (the kind that hinders instead of helps) we could be more peaceful beings.

*My six year old son likes to push the boundaries and find out worst-case scenarios in a zen-like fashion, like what it feels like to get into so much trouble that you have to pay a long visit to the Principal's office.

*I love drinking my coffee out of my new, hand pained by me, full moon over the ocean special reiki coffee cup.

*We have access to all the information in the universe. Imagine a vortex with an opening of information coming in , narrowing at the point where it enters our energetic field and then expanding again. It can and will flow through us if we seek it and believe in it.

*We have the ability to be happy and at peace in any situation.

*Food can be a source of life force energy and can renew, regenerate and repair or harm and hinder.

*Every soul has magic. Finding out what it is is like digging for treasure.

* I know what my dog is thinking most of the time and she knows what I'm thinking and responds without prompting if it is something that pertains to her.

*I am the new noon aide/lunch lady at my kid's school and can't imagine a more rewarding or fun job.

*Raising kids is an art form and needs to be seen as such.

*My stepdaughter, Cadence will be 21 next week. She is a gift to me and the world with her grace, humor, intelligence, sophistication, taste buds, culinary and overall creativity, talent in all art forms and highly amusing slovenly nature.

*I have thoroughly enjoyed my 41st year of life.

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