Friday, October 30, 2009

News Flash

It's been a busy life. This week I finished my Reiki Master's training, connecting with my spirit guides and accessing powerful healing energies, made about 200 button pins to bribe the kids at school to be better stewards of their environment, did Quinlan's last Marquette hairdo prior to her quitting the team she has been on for the last 3 and a half years, payed bills, altered my belly dancer costume, read and loved Steph's, Mom's and Mere's blogs,  drove on a first grade field trip, took four naps, ate two cupcakes, and, last night, under a starry sky, awoke to the sounds of our chicken being mauled.
 Tom and I ran out to the coop and rescued our dear Henny from a hungry raccoon who was trying to drag her through the hole it had entered her coop from. 
You will be happy to know, she is safe in a box in the garage. I actually heard her say "Thank You" in chicken last night. It sounded like "bddddkkkk bbbdddddkkk".  

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