Saturday, January 01, 2011

I Want A Magical Life

I keep saying it. I want a magical life. It is really sinking in these days that to get a magical life, you have to do the thinks that make you feel the magic.  Over Christmas week, I shopped in my closet. I wore gowns and dresses every day. I wore legwarmers and my new biblically-inspired serape. I cleaned my garage in my cute CAbi trousers and pretty top. I created very special candles, melding and forging them during the Winter Solstice, Full Moon and Lunar eclipse days. I went out searching for fossils and sea life on those days, adoring the magical surprises the beach held. Today is New Year's day. I celebrated by watching the sunrise, participating in a global meditation and swimming in the ocean with Jill. It's gonna be an amazing year. I can feel it!

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