Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Joys of YES

Saying "yes" to things you otherwise or in the past would have declined for various reasons is very very empowering and can be quite fun. I, for example, said yes to a party last week that began at nine PM on Thursday night. A SCHOOL NIGHT. I am not a night person. I am typically asleep at nine PM. I don't really like staying up late on school nights when I have multitudes of commitments scheduled for the following day. I was, however, enticed by the aspect of fun promised in this unique get together, organized by my friend, Lisa.

A few years ago, Lisa had a chest x-ray that revealed a tumor in her lung. I had the pleasure of being close to her during her surgery to remove a lobe of her lung and then during the many times her collapsed lung needed to be re-inflated. I was close by during chemotherapy sessions that insured that any secret cancer cells that had migrated from the lung would be obliterated. I used every trick in my book of magic; crystals, reiki, gentle head stroking, laughter, love, compassion and a listening ear, to help in any way I could to move Lisa through this time of illness.  It was truly a pleasure for me to be there for her.

What I loved about Lisa both before and after her experience with cancer was her ferocious Joie de Vivre. She planned and executed vacations to exotic locales like Viet Nam and Thailand, Rome and Tel Av iv, New York and London. Lisa's family vacations were like ours. All family, all adventure to anywhere she felt the desire to visit. What spirit! I could identify.  So when her invite came," By Royal Command of her majesty the Queen" to stay up all night and view the royal wedding of Prince William and Katherine Middleton, while wearing your wedding gown, bridesmaid's dress or penoir set, I only hesitated for a few minutes to think about it. When you have faced mortality, it's amazing how you respect the time you have to play.

I had a fantastic time at Lisa's party. Slept only a couple of hours but was not wrecked the next day. I actually gave a full reiki session at nine, served as back stage crew for my daughter's play performance at noon, and then say the play again from the audience that night. It was brilliant! Saying "yes" was a green card to fun! I advise you to not limit yourself based on your old patterns and what you think you need. The universe will stretch and bend all around you to accommodate your needs if your vibration is joy and you ask for the extra help.

Lisa wore her wedding dress for the first half of the party then changed into this gorgeous gown later. She put her veil on for me though, since I missed the photo -op of her in her full bridal regalia.

The kids were fantastic in their play! I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

Kieran was a brilliant "Dana" in Sideways Stories From Wayside School

I just happened to have this gown in my closet.
I love a great gown and most opportunity to wear it!

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