Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Joys of Flirting

I remember reading something about Libras when I was a kid. It said "you are a flirt! You love the boys and they love you!" I had a really hard time believing that. I was incredibly shy.

Something must have snapped in eighth grade though, because from then on out, it's been flirt flirt flirt.

When I say "flirt" I mean brush with intimacy, toy with connection, tease and play in ways that reveal the beauty and worth of another being and have my own luminous self revealed to me as if a mirror is being held up. I love to flirt. I love to look people in the eye and smile. I love to respond when I am addressed. I love to make a human connection. I also love to flirt with animals. Every time I go out for a paddle, I flirt with the white sharks that I hope are present. I invite them to do the dance of intimacy (without getting too close). Being a married woman, I know how to keep a flirtation from becoming a breech in my marital contract, so I ask the sharks to refrain from a physical connection. It excites me to know that they are there. That we share the same waters. That we are both inhabiting the planet in the same space and time.

Flirting is one of the joys of being human. It is a playful attraction, that with women, results in deepening friendship and with men, results in a strengthening of my femininity. The key to ideal flirting, is to respect the tension of polarity and not succumb to the pull of attraction.For the real joy is in the tension, not the connection. It is the mirroring that we all need.

In marriage, we flirt, but we are also so connected to each other that the figurative mirror gets all fogged up.  We can't as easily reveal the best of ourselves to our mates and have that beauty shine back. Therein lies the beauty of the seasoned flirt. She knows how to play with others, so she maintains her femininity, bringing confidence and allure to her relationship. It's fun!

My advice to you is to remember that the fun is in the tension of the spiritual connection, not in the physical connection. Real flirting does not lead to infidelity, it leads to souls being mirrored and love being shared amongst any and all. Even sharks.

General Flirtation

Whitey, my love

Flirting with nature
Flirting with BFF
Flirting with DANGER
 (note sign that says "KEEP OUT")

Marital flirtation

This represents an actual affair I have been having with the Milky Way since
 I was about four.
I'm always wanting to be closer, needing the promise of a
"next time" and
 willing to go to almost any lengths for an encounter.

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