Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What Makes a Family

I married into, birthed and inherited my children. I have five. The first two daughters, I married, the third daughter and son, I birthed and the fifth child, I inherited. My husband's ex-wife gave birth to a third daughter, Faith, a year after she and Tom divorced. Having come from divorce, I knew how awful it felt to be left out from a "new family" so Tom and I decided to include Faith on a few of our family trips. When she was 8, she joined us in Tahiti. Then there was Hilton Head, South Caroloina. She came with us to Disney World and New York City and it was an absolute must that she participate in our Fiji return this summer.  Faith has become a full-fledged member of the family with her own (albeit rotating) room.  A family creates memories together. They include each other, they annoy each other, they grow up together and they remain united, if they choose. If we have done our job well, our children will remain close to each other and close to us because they like to be with us, as much as we like to be with them.  Our Fiji trip was a glue. I believe it was a pliable, yet permanently sticky glue that will meld us together for good, as a family. Peer in and take a look:

I realize that I am an important part of our family. As a natural nurturer, it has been "easy" for me to be compassionate about all of the members.

My beautiful family!

None of this would be possible without Tom. I am so grateful!

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