Tuesday, January 01, 2013


This day is laden with magic. This and every day from here on out. You just have to know that it is there, expect it, show up for it, and witness it.  Today is January 1, 2013. I can feel the ease in the day already. I don't feel the usual post-holiday depression setting in and my urge to see the sun rise over the ocean was greater than my urge to ring in the new year at 12:01AM.
You were there too. Here is what you saw:

This was the last sunset for the Gregorian calendar's December 31, 2012

The moon was setting in the west, shining her light on the curling waves this morning, January 1, 2013.

A burst of flames brought in the rising sun

The light tears into the day

Becoming one with the flame

Can you feel your dose of magic?

A trio of dolphins swims directly in front of me. One plays in the waves.

Your year begins here.

I made a resolution. It occurred to me, that the only thing I could really do that would provide the foundation for all else, was to truly, unconditionally, love myself. If I could do that; look lovingly upon myself at all times, then I could and can do anything. Not needing or requiring the approval of anyone else in this world, I can accomplish miracles, with my own love, flowing over.
My love flows to you.

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