Wednesday, February 13, 2013


The truth is, I love rocks. I love rocks and animals. I love animals who return my affection, like my dog, London. I love stars and the mountains and my family. I also love to create.

I love to create and share.

I love being inspired by things like stickers.

I love sparkle.

I love trees and birds and bugs.

I love being silly and sending my husband  commanding texts like this one:

I love it when he responds by entering my domain (the very messy garage) to do what I ask of him (kiss me).

I love giving.

I love the power of innocence.

I love the ocean waves when they are glassy and you can see inside the barrel when they break.

I love my life (said in an accent like this : "aye luv ma laif"), in imitation of my son, Aidan, who makes me laugh.

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