Sunday, July 28, 2013

Best Summer Ever

...and it's only July 28th.

It started out glorious. We flew to Rome, met Tom's college friends, basked in the art, architecture, food, wine and stand-up cappuccinos. The kids are older and easier, the older girls are women now and are lovely to watch as they embrace life. It was blissful.

Attitude is everything and I had a feeling that I should savor every moment this summer; that it was to be a precious one. It has not disappointed me. It has been precious.

Aidan with his Cousins Morgan, Alex and Indy

The summer sunrise spends a few minutes warming our faces before moving into the yard.

Kieran and Aidan took cooking classes in our own kitchen with Natalie from

I see blissful moments as punctuation and to respect them, they should be captured on film.

Cousins and Srikar, who moved to India for a full year and is BACK!

sparklers on Independence day were almost as sweet as the homemade ice cream

The kids are at precious childhood ages. Every moment to be savored!

My sweet baby Hannah, whom I "nannied" from ages 2 to 4, became a wife. 

Aidan and Jack helped William celebrate his 9th Birthday.

I met this friendly whale on the Condor Express. I love making new animal friends.

This was a sweet one. Hitchcock movies at the Courthouse on Friday nights.

The UCSB pool and some merfolk.

It's not even over yet but I thought I should document that this summer has been precious. I am so grateful to my husband for supporting me in all my passions, my kids for being so fun to be with, my friends for amusing me and my family for their constant support and perspective. Love and joy to you.

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