Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Love Letter

I have been married for 15 years. I have been in love a few times and had that love last for more than just a few years. I have received love letters. I have never received a love letter that revealed all that I love about myself. 
Until now.

I love your courage based in the humility that comes from being a divine being wrapped completely in the facade of being a human for a time.  I love your gentle passion with so many things; fossils and rocks. animals of all kinds, children, difficult people, strangers, family, emotions and living with the fearless depth of whatever comes. I love it that you don't fear chaos or dirt.  I love it that you are not afraid to look foolish or be bold with sometimes disastrous results. I love it that you sing loudly and dance without inhibition even though you are not a skilled or gifted performer. I love that you feel deeply and look people in the eye with emotion even if it won't lead to anything tangible for you. I love the way you squeeze and hold on when you hug. I love that you respect and honor every living thing and teach this to children. I love it that you pick up bags and bags of stinky dog poop and other trash from the beach that others have so carelessly left. I LOVE it that you love great white sharks and other apex predators that are scary and not cuddly. They deserve as much respect as you and me. I love that you are a total goofball and wear that tacky apron to school to work as "lunch lady" so that you are always ready with markers, paper, band-aids, neosporin, hand-made pins, and scissors to open those infernal gogurt packages! Bless you! I love that you play with the kids when they ask you to.

I LOVE that you feel sensations so passionately! Lips, breath, skin, tongue, muscles, sinews and bones, all working together to unite souls in a playful serenade to each other. No matter your age, you never cease to feel deeply and play fully. I love that you say "yes" to hot springs and skinny dips, barefoot hikes, full moon excursions, swimming with whales, dog sledding in Alaska, RV'ing, sharing a bed with a friend and making lots of mistakes. I think I love you most for being willing to admit when you have been wrong, make amends and own up to you own humanity. No human is free from this- making mistakes, hurting others and the need to own up to their own part. XOXO my love. Keep it up!

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