Saturday, February 08, 2014

SO Many Vertebrate Fossils!

There have been so many exposed vertebrate fossils on the beach lately that I stopped photographing them all. I believe it would make an excellent thesis question for someone to look at all of these specimens and attempt to answer some questions about them.

What type of animals are these? Marine or terrestrial? Mammalian, ichthioid, amphibioid or reptilian? Of what geologic era? Miocene? What were the conditions of their demise that led to their fossil preservation?

Here are some of the specimens I have collected photographically:

This is my first "tooth" specimen. Unconfirmed. I have this one at home. 

This was the first specimen of this type I have seen but the next day, I found two more that were  very similar.

The next three are the same big bony specimen.

This is a fairly "common" configuration. 

Exposed vertebra

Skull cross section with fossil tissue differentiation in the brain case

a grouping of smaller bones

Perhaps another skull cross section

This was the third specimen of this type I have found.

Possible vertebral segments.

If there is a vertebrate paleontology student who wishes to help answer the questions I have posed here, please comment below.  I will guide you to these and many more specimens.

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