Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ethereal Life (and the Long Island Medium)

I had the great privilege of bearing witness to the well known channel to the spirit world, Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, last Sunday as she brought her Live Experience to Santa Barbara. I was not present to relieve my own anguish or find peace in my heart. I had been offered a ticket and I thought it would be interesting to attend. The only loved ones I have lost as of yet are all four of my beloved grandparents, my father ( I Know that He Loved Me ), and two of my precious cats (Anatomy of a Friend ). I feel whole in my heart about the spirit world being alive and well in a dimension just beyond our reach. The night my Papa passed away, I had a strikingly vivid dream that he was a shaman and he passed his abilities to connect with the natural world to me in my dream, right before he died. When I learned that he had actually passed away, I knew he had come to me in my dream to pass on important information, which I have taken to heart.  What I witnessed with Theresa, confirmed and expanded all of my beliefs. Here are a few examples of what I witnessed, as I remember it:

There was a mother and nine year old daughter who had lost their young son/brother. The brother was right there, describing in pictures and feelings to Theresa, what had happened to him and that he was at peace and watching over his family. He said how proud he was of his sister, that he really enjoyed her Frozen sleepover birthday party and he reassured his mother that there was nothing different she could have done to save him and for her to let go of regret.

There was another family who had lost a son to suicide. The son came though to tell his parents and his brother that he was at peace. He was not being punished in the spirit world for his suicide (a fear that his religious parents must have held), and that there was nothing anyone could have done to save him. It was his decision and that he was at peace. He described to Theresa that he knew of his brother's idea to get his name tattooed on his body and that he appreciated that. He acknowledged that he had been sending signs to his mother and father through the radio, through symbolic licence plates and that he was there with them. It was so beautiful. He even told Theresa his nick name for his mother, which no one could have ever guessed (Woman or Mexican). It was so beautiful to see the family relax in the knowing that their boy was at peace and there with them.

My favorite connection was with a young man who looked hard and seasoned from the pain he must have been carrying. When Theresa asked if he had lost a brother, he nodded, yes, and then added, "lots of them".  As it turned out, he had lost 4 close friends and a brother. They were all five in the room, harassing him through Theresa. They gave her enough specific information for him to know for sure that they were all there and then they gave him their message. They told him to trust love again, to let down his hard exterior that was preventing him for feeling the agony of loss again. They said they were all fine, at peace and together and that they wanted to see him alive and happy, not barely alive and suffering. It was so beautiful to see his face change as she delivered these much needed words of advice to this man. I am sure he felt closer to his "brothers" than ever before, knowing that they were all five watching over him. They even acknowledged a tattoo he had just gotten days before of the number 5, symbolic of them.

I love that the ethereal world allows one to be present with the call of a thought. I am sure I have spent more time with my father now that he has passed away that I ever did when he was alive. I hear my Nana call me "Shelley Baby", with her loving voice all the time. My sister, Stephanie actually received a text message from our Mimi a few years ago. The words that came through were her words, without a doubt.

It was AMAZING to see Theresa work. She changed many lives on Sunday, I have no doubt. She enlightened me and reinforced what I have suspected for most of my life. I love the messages from the spirit world. They were unanimously peaceful, loving, supportive, grateful and humorous.

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