Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Precious Moments

You never know how it's going to unfold. You think you do. You say "no" to things, anticipating the outcome. You think you'll be too stressed. That it will be too hard. You never know what's around the corner. What pieces of your life will come together with that unforseen experience, with that person you sat next to on the plane. You just don't know what an experience will hold until you put your feet, your heart and your soul there. Open and ready for it. Don't let fear dictate where your path takes you. Set the anticipation, the fear, the anxiety and preconcieved ideas aside. Walk in blank, happy, open, willing, fearless.

This gargoyle was named "Ryan" by my daughter, Kieran. Ryan spent a rainy night with my belly chain in his mouth. I felt that he had information to share with me. Ryan sat to the right upon entering the castle we lived in for a week in the Burren of Ireland. Ireland was unlike anything I had imagined. I had thought it would be rainy, green and relatively sedate. I had been excited, but not extatic about our trip. I knew very little about the country. Had heard that there were better places to travel in Europe, like Scotland. The castles are more interesting in Scotland.

Ireland spoke to my heart. It said it was part of me and I was part of her, the lovely isle, fronting the stormy atlantic. The Burren, a geologic wonderland, laden with limestone, the fossilized remains of prehistoric oceans. Also, the sacred place where humans connected with the earth and the sky- utilizing the limestone sheets to form mesolithic monuments that were mathematically aligned with the solstice in summer. Ahhhh, nothing could excite me more that the unity of earth and sky. The terra celeste is part of me. In the burren were caves, formed by water carving it's space and aged gently with calcite, the mineral remains from water passing through the limestone, taking thousands of years to form the crystal stalagtites that grace us with such delicate beauty. The energy in the caves was sweet. Freed from worry, fear, anxiety. Calcite works wonders in it's ability to absorb negativity. I was submerged in my joy.

The castle, Smithstown Castle, was heaven. Built in the mid fourteenth century, it held experience, stories, feelings, time in it's granite walls and spiral stairs. It was our opportunity for time travel. The gargoyles out front were protective and amusing. Sparking joy and thought at each glimpse.

As a gift to yourself, say yes today, where you might rather say no. Let go of the fear of what you think an experience will hold and just walk into it. Keeping the smile on your face. If nothing else, you may come out of it with a story to tell.

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Eveline Maria Smith said...

“The quality of our choices will dictate whether we will struggle in frustration or live an extraordinary life…..the life of our dreams.” ~Debbie Ford

(((((Shelley))))) the Emerald Isle calls to my heart too and after reading of your journey I know one day I will answer its call. Thank you!

Blessings of love, gratitude and peace always in all ways with all things good, Eveline Maria