Monday, July 03, 2006


I'm taking a break from stress. Clutter in the livingroom, shoe collections in the hallway, toys, papers and junkmail will all have to wait for my return. Grandma will get your cereal, auntie will wipe your nose, cousins will watch you swim. Mommy needs a break. I am forced to let hours pass doing nothing but sit and gaze. I am relinquishing the urge to accomplish something in the spare thirty minutes that would be a project at home. I am on vacation and I need the break. I will soak up the warmth, the sweet sounds of the ocean waves and the kids frolicking in them. I am taking advantage, resting my hands, recharging my battery. I am thinking about you, about what you need. My creative and healing energies are being ampified in their slumber. Dreaming energy connecting to where I am needed. I never knew the warmth of the atlantic ocean, the fine, silky sand. I was raised in the Pacific, cold by comparison, laden with kelp and grasses, tar stuck to my feet. The Atlantic is a caress, gentle and calming. Soothing and inviting. I am on vacation.

Be back July 23rd, if you need me.

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