Thursday, June 29, 2006


This Wednesday is the full moon. Scientifically, I can tell you, that the full moon, because of it's position in opposing the sun, pulls the oceans (and everything else) in it's gravitational exchange. The tides are more extreme during a full moon (and even more so during the new moon). Evolutionarily, the tidal fluctuations were probably responsible for life emerging from the oceans and populating land, as it allowed oceanic life the opportunity to evolve mechinisms of survival outside that of water.

Spiritually, the full moon amplifies intentions and actions. Whatever you do during the full moon, whatever your intentions, the moon intensifies the effects. My daily goals have been to let go of judgement, annoyance, fear, struggle, and any negativity. So far so good- I have made it through a whirlwind of travel, happy and content and relatively stress free. But... my inner diologue has played a part in helping me let go of certain things. Conflict keeps rising up in me in the form of annoyance with some people. I read a profound statement that illuminated the solution to this problem. It was to imagine that person, or any for whom you foster any negativity, and hold them in your heart as perfect. Perfect where they are, as they are. To achieve nirvana is to ease all sufferring. The great thing about this is that you have the power within you to suffer or to not suffer. Even in difficulty and in pain, out mind and our heart can be serene.

So, my inner diolugue and excercise has gone something like this.... I stuggle with my feelings of annoyance by telling myself that the person bugging me is perfect, just where he/she is. I do not have to suffer. I can exchange my annoyance for love if I choose, and in the action of thinking this, I am bathed in serenity. I SWEAR it works!!!!

Of course, it is a bit more difficult to apply this technique when the subject of annoyance is your two small children arguing in the back seat of the car over a plastic tiger while you are trying to navigate a crowded freeway....but, the goal for me is to keep on trying.

I will use this upcoming full moon to set my intentions for the ease of sufferring and great abundance which I will share wholeheartedly.

What can I do for you?

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