Saturday, June 10, 2006

Right Where I Belong

Have you ever heard of "divine timing"? Its the reason you sometimes feel like you don't fit in or things just aren't going the way you want them to, or why you haven't gotten "there" yet- assuming you know where it is you want to be. Divine timing, I was reminded yesterday, as I pulled it from my angel oracle deck, means that certain things have to happen in order for you to get where you need to be. Haven't you ever gained completion of something and seen that the precarious situations that seemed so wrong were actually essential to the achievement of that final outcome? O.K., So right at this very moment, I am here to remind you that you are right where you need to be. Let your heart rest easy and worry not. Hold yourself in gratitude for all the hardships that have brought you to this point and remember to enjoy the journey because it will all be over too fast.

This belly chain contains Sugilite, which is described as one of the major love stones. It also serves as a conduit of information, reminding you of why you are here and what your purpose is. Judy Hall writes in The Crystal Bible that sugilite is useful for misfits of any kind, which I interpret as helping you know of your own divine timing. Misfits are only misfits until the puzzle comes entirely together, then they know exactly where they fit. Some of the most revered people in history were misfits. Think of Van Gogh. So, you are right where you belong. Remember to trust yourself and enjoy your journey as well as the destination.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the reminder that I'm right on schedule! S.

Anonymous said...

My heart droppod when I saw the purple stone; even before I read the blog. Then I started to read about feeling like a "misfit", and when you mentioned Van Gogh, I knew for sure that purple was my color, for he suffered like I do with the illness Bipolar.