Thursday, June 15, 2006

How To Wear It

It's not by accident that the therapeutic jewelry I create is intended to be worn at your core. The belly is the mid point of your chakra system, the uniting locale where earth and sky come together. The terra celeste. I have come over and over to the road block of a woman saying, "I could not possibly wear a piece of jewelry at my waist. I do not have the belly for it!" I wish to emphasize to those women and to those people who are to be exposed to my work, that the belly chain has a job to do. Like a bra, who's job it is to support your breasts, the job of the belly chain is to support your upper and lower chakra systems from your median. The belly chain is most effective when it is touching your skin. It should therefore be worn under your clothes. It is for you, for your body and for, potentially, your eyes only. I have never heard a woman say, that she could not possibly wear a bra, for her body is not fit enough to wear one. I hope never to hear another woman claim that her body is not worthy of the therapeutic and nurturing benefits of the belly chain. I wear on average, three a day, under my clothes. They are not bulky. They do not jingle. I, because I am not shy about my belly, often expose the chains I'm wearing to describe what it is that I do. And, because my work is custom, your size does not matter to me. What matters to me is that the chain will encircle you, as it should. Even if you resemble Saturn, I will create your rings. I am not a jeweler. I am a practitioner. My job is to help, guide, nurture, heal, love, encourage, support and cherish. Please, do not let the condition of your body dictate your worthiness to receive my gifts. Feel free to ask any questions or make any comments. I am happy you have found me. Please let me find you.

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