Sunday, October 01, 2006


I was recently told that I don't ask for help enough from my angels. It's true. I don't ask for help. From anyone. This, of course, is not good. I was told that my angels are there, waiting, willing, happy to help, at any time, but, I have to ask. I have to ask. I was told that I get communications from my angels in the form of chills down my spine, shivers, electricity, goose bumps. I took this information and have been applying it. It's worth asking just for the feeling of electricity surging up and down my spine in response to a question I have asked from my angels. Another person told me that I have a lot of angels supporting me. Over twenty. A literal support team. I have decided that I am going to engage their talents more frequently than I have been. I am going to trust their abilities and go at it with full knowledge that the team is on it. I can and will do so much more with my angel support staff in action, that I'm letting the stubborn independence go, in exchange for the angelic team approach. I figure, that if I have that many souls connected to me that I must have some pretty important work to do and I'd best get my ego out of the way and get to it. I asked for financial flow. I am getting it. I asked for direction and instructions on how I work with my stones. I am getting it. I am open to receiving it. It is my job now to remind you to do the same thing. Imagine that you have a support team devoted solely to you. Imagine that their greatest happiness comes in loving and helping you to do your life's work. Imagine that you can acomplish ANYTHING. Know that you are heard. Know that you are adored. Know that you are integral to this planet at this time. Know that. Feel the shivers? Ask a question, ask for guidence. Feel the shivers?

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