Tuesday, September 25, 2007

39 Wishes

This is hard. I am so used to just appreciating what I've already got. I am racking my congested brain (I have a cold) for my thirty nine wishes. I am trying to write something concrete, not the usual nebulous, "I wish for a fullness of heart..." crap. I really do want world peace. I wish for people to stop feeling the need to kill each other, fighting and defending religious beliefs, heritage, history and territory. I don't like seeing pictures of monkey parts for sale as food. This month's National Geographic had some pictures in an article illuminating the problem of infected monkeys spreading their primate viruses to humans by this type of close contact. It is disturbing to me to see a decapitated monkey head with perfect teeth partially cooked and ready for a stew. I guess I wish to not have to see that. Or maybe I wish to not be disturbed by it when I see it. I wish my house were clean right now. I wish the cats were fed and the dog were not so close as he is to the time of inevitable euthanasia. I wish someone would come and clean out my closets and drawers, purging from them everything I haven't worn in the last year, with the exception of my wedding dress. I wish the polar ice caps would stop receding so that the polar bears will have a place to rest when hunting for seals. I like big carnivores. I wish for all the big carnivores catch some nice meat tonight . I wish I could see the Aurora borealis in both hemispheres and compare and contrast the colors and shapes coming from each pole. I wish I could eat as much cake as I'd like without getting sick, feeling guilty, or hating the rolls of fat the erupt as the consequence. I wish I could love my dark roots, grey hair and small lines that are forming on the edge of my upper lip. I wish I could make a hundred belly chains for a hundred people who pay as they order and feel that they are getting way more than their money's worth out of the transaction. I wish my sister Stacy, my mother and step dad would move to Santa Barbara. I wish that my sister Stephanie would move closer than Philadelphia. I wish to be creative and feel fulfilled in my life. I wish for world peace, inner peace and another piece of really good cake made without hydrogenated oils. I wish to keep on going in this amazing life that I am enjoying so much. I wish for more more more. Was that thirty nine?

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