Saturday, October 27, 2007

You Only Live Once

....Or a thousand times, depending on what you believe.

Would you be surprised if I told you that part of my soul resides in a rock? Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but I'm beginning to get it. The real stuff sounds crazy. Ask yourself. I know you know what I'm saying. So, here's what I have for you today. In this body, we sacrifice time on the planet for mobility. We can go anywhere- connect with anyone or any thing. Our lives are short- very short, but we can flit around and make our predestined connections. We have friends who have sacrificed mobility or will for time. Trees are connected to the grid through their roots. They may live for thousands of years, pulsing with life. They have to wait for you to come to them. Listen when they call you. Respect the call, connect and exchange, as you will. Rocks can live for millions, hundreds of millions (which can approach billions when we cross into thousands of millions) of years. They sacrifice their connection when they become a fragment, but they then have mobility. They carry stored information, or possibly more. Again, listen, connect as you will. Yeah, it sounds crazy but trust me. You only live once, so go for it. Do the crazy thing without abandon. Paint the trees, show the cord, cry with the rock, see what happens. You can share it all with me. I know you are not crazy.


Anonymous said...

so y'mean like go GET a pet rock? ;D

Krista said...

oooh, Jill's painting is famous!!!!