Sunday, March 23, 2008

Aurora Borealis

I haven't seen the actual one, but I feel like it's happening around me, The magnetic field lines of the earth deflecting the ions strewn from the sun's tumultuous rage. Alaska is a gift. It has in two days, given me nothing but pleasure. The snow is crisp in places and soft, finely grained fluff in others. It crackles or packs under the weight of my body in big moon boots. The air, cool, clean and filled with sounds, touches my face with it's frigid hand and carries the echoes of the yips and howls of the mush team in the distance. I love it here so much, as I love so many other places. The natural beauty holds her own surprises and her tricks to keeping herself that way. I compared it to Fiji in the feeling it gives me. Like one might compare two beautiful women who come from different parts of the world. Alaska is the confident, fierce mother who is a nurturer but also a warrior. She can not be kept and will not be contained. You venture into her embrace with full knowledge that she might turn on you at any time. I am willing to risk it. I think I have fallen into a deep love that will be with me from this day on.
Today holds more presents to be opened. It is Easter Sunday, I am exquisitely happy and I hope you remember to open your presents of the present today.

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