Monday, April 21, 2008

Hi everybody who reads my blog.

First of all, might I take this moment to thank you for checking in. It is a great human honor to share your voice and listeners are even more important than talkers. I hope you have found grains of inspiration in the piles and piles of words I have given you.

I have sifted through this blog, with the help of my unofficial editor, Jill S. Freeland, and picked out all the good stuff and called it Perfectly Imperfect. Actually Jill picked out all the good stuff and was courageous enought o advise me to keep the mundane chatter out of the book. I am so grateful for that. Jill is a very good friend! There is very little mention of the PTA in Perfectly Imperfect. You can thank Jill.

You can purchase Perfectly Imperfect from

I know it is full of valuable tips on living your dream each and every day. How do I know this? While editing, I read the words over and over and got so pumped up, I thought I could do anything- including, publish a book!

Perfectly Imperfect is the kind of book you will want to read over and over again. It's like having a nurturing friend right there with you, ready to encourage and empathise. I am not just saying that. Even I benefit from reading the words over and over again.

Thanks for reading. I adore you all! Share your wildest aspirations with me so I can encourage you! You know I will.

Love, Shelley

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