Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Witches Brew

When we work creatively, we work outside of the confines of the judgement of others. We follow no rules. Anything goes. Our potential is limitless. We are free. We don't ever have to justify our creative pursuits with qualifications or resumes, we are artists. The outlet of our creativity follows no rules. We can paint, write, film, sing, dance, concoct, construct, rearrange, scheme, sculpt, or whatever drives us at any particular moment of creation. We bear no responsibility for others or to the future, only to our own hearts and our souls at the moment of creation. This is the kind of creativity we all need to have. The limitless, fearless variety, with a blindness towards the future and what may come of our creative offspring. How much more would each moment hold if we had this ability to give in to our urges without the fear of an outcome that is really none of our business anyway? Create to feed the soul. Create to speak on the soul's behalf. Create anything. Create everything.

I get excited when I create. My latest invention is called Aura Oil. It is a concoction of healing oils infused with the vibrational energy of Tibetan crystal quartz. It was fun to make and even more fun to share. Part of the fun of any of my creations is to use words to describe whatever it is, be it a belly chain or other grouping of therapeutic gems, or my latest Witches Brew.

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