Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Soul's Purpose

I have been asking myself for a long while what my soul's purpose is. It has been hard to pin down because I have so many passions. My creative exploits are all over the spectrum and there truly is no limit to that which makes my heart soar.

Since I have taken a break from blogging, I have had so much fun worshiping the last five full moons with two of my closest friends. As a team of explorers, we have ventured into the depths of the sweat lodge via a back yard fire pit, some rocks from Mackenzie Park and a four person tent bought on sale at Big Five.

I have consented to and fully enjoyed being a canvas for my fellow moon goddess, Jill to paint flowers and butterflies, vines and whimsy all over my chest, neck, back and arms.

I have concocted oils for healing the aura and skin, to aid in the laying on of self love to all the body parts that the mirror reveals as flawed or imperfect. My skin is baby soft and feels my own loving touch every day. I have shared these oils with many.

I continue to make jewelry but find myself using gemstones more for meditation and healing than for adornment, although, I will always love color and the magic of the earth in the wearable form.

My book has sat, waiting for the right time. That project done for now, but not complete. I know it holds a place in my soul's purpose. The book is about finding and living the magic offered in every day, every seemingly mundane experience. Then it was revealed to me, that THIS is exactly what my soul's purpose is! I get to live the purely magical life, with all the same ingredients as everyone else, being a child of divorce, abandoned by a father who chose his second family over his first, getting an education, having a career, becoming a wife, a parent and step parent, coping with marriage and sexuality, dealing with my own development into adulthood, being a friend, having relationships, and all this but with the magic I ask for daily from the universe and infuse into this life to make it an extraordinary one. The one that counts! The one that I enjoy from wet and cold birth to dry and warm earthly departure. Wooooeeeeee! Am I lucky or what!? I get to do this so I can show anyone who cares to join me how easy it all is.
My friend Sherae channelled some revealing information regarding my book, PERFECTLY IMPERFECT that has led me to this conclusion about my soul's purpose. it was this:
"These words INSPIRE to look beyond the ordinary, the mundane, to SEE and FEEL the magic within life. people can often feel fearful of looking childish to see the magic around them as an adult and the combination of words through the sharing of your personal journeys gives the reader a seed, an opportunity to look beyond the patterns, the conditions they've been living WITHIN their whole lives. It's like getting a Get out of Jail Free card, the jail being the self imposed interpretations of how and what life is Supposed to be, instead of living in the NOW. There are many MANY writers out there and when there is an alignment of thought that is expressed through a combination of words...sometimes, the equation equals harmony, love and expansion for all. ( As examples I was shown, E=MC2 and lemons +sugar + H2O = lemonade. ???) .....Continue."
During my own meditation, the light came on. DUUUUUHHHHHH! It's what I've been happily doing all along. Again, HOW LUCKY AM I? Doing what I love, and I love to do many many things is what I get to do as my work!
What do you love? What makes your heart soar aloft with joy? What gives you peace? What makes you feel whole? One of my greatest passions is connecting with people, glimpsing or reveling in the light magic that resides in them and holding up the mirror so that they may see for themselves exactly what I see. All the beauty of the UNIVERSE contained in their soul. All the beauty and magic, healing and possibility of the UNIVERSE is contained within you. You are the magic. YOU are the light. Can you feel it?

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