Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time to reinvent

The magic still flows, it has just been bypassed and drained prior to the publish button. Just like the Colorado river used to flow all the way to Mexico, but now ends in Arizona. I have ideas, of course. I would not be me without multitudes of IDEAS. There is still a work of dramatic fiction in me. Just waiting.... percolating......stewing into something savory and delicious. I still have a film to make. "U". The story of YOU. Doesn't that sound tempting? I need a computer for editing though. I need benefactors and time. There is magic everywhere while I wait. Magic in the tidepools, sea glass that has history in the factories, green and amber glass rolling in the waves for decades. Kids that are FUNNY! No, really. My kids are funny. I'm serious. Not just to me. They are funny people. They are mini scientist/comedians put in place for my amusement.
It is summer, 2009. I wonder what kind of mischief will unfold ......

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