Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mundane Magic

Yesterday I took the kids to the beach for a morning walk. Aidan had a huge tantrum. He frequently has huge tantrums when we are at beaches, or pools. Before even hitting the sand, he was crying, "I want to go home".  Not atypical.

He started having crying fits around water when he was about three months old. Bathing him, on my lap, as I always had, he began to protest with what appeared to be a mortal fear. Like being hit on the head with a rock, I have seen this pattern emerge over his almost seven years of life and it finally became clear to me; something bad happened to Aidan when he was not Aidan that involved a large body of water and probably death.

The magic is that I am not denying that this is a probable rather than possible reality for him and I'm willing to discuss it with him openly now. When we got into the car I said, "Aidan, I have noticed that you are very distressed and fearful around the ocean. Did something bad happen to you in a past life? Did you drown? " He replies, "yeah." "I think so."

It lead to a car-wide discussion about past lives. Kieran said she didn't remember any of hers. I said,  "I don't think you are supposed to" I followed with..."but sometimes kids come in almost knowing how to do certain things like read and draw." To which, Kieran agreed. She seems to have known how to do these things from birth. "Sometimes we retain fears that don't make sense to us in this life but maybe come from what has happened to us in the past."

Just going to that unknown place openly, will open all kinds of magic up for us.

Later that same day, the kids played Chumash Indians in the back yard. We went to the Natural History Museum and explored crystals, space, mammals, and birds. We listed all the native animals we had seen in our back yard. The list was impressive.

Today, I made a necklace for Morgan of black tourmaline, ruby, spectrolite, riverstone and turquoise to help him protect his personal energy. I made three very powerful candles for Stacy, infused with black tourmaline, patchouli and valor oil with some reiki matches to help her clear the energy in her home. I did this while simultaneously baking chocolate chip cookies for the kids who were playing Chumash again today, blowing their flute, collecting their herbs, doing their rain dance in the back yard.  Mundane Magic.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE that you do so much with your kids and other people's kids. Yesterday I talked to Nina and I said you are like a magic camp-director. Keep it up, but take care of yourself too. We all love camp!! Mom xo