Sunday, February 14, 2010


Dearest Loves of my life,

You are my suns, my galaxies, you are my Star Wars and my favorite songs.
You are my ethnic foods, my coffee with milk, you are my funny movie, my creative drive,
 my hike in the mountains my low tide.
 You are the most fun I can have on any given day, you are my adventure, my comfort and my play.
 I love you, I cherish you, the time we spend, the way you smell, your hands in mine, your lips, your cheeks, your wiggly tooth, the sound your saxaphone makes.  I love your drawings, your wit, the way you read out loud, The dinners you bring home almost every night, the way you hold me at the end of the day.
You are my best memories, all happening now, my full moon, my vacations, my playground. I love you, all of you, you know who you are. If you can't feel my love then I need to work harder.

LOVE, Shelley


Anonymous said...

Shelley, that is an absolutely beautiful poem!!!! Thank you for writing it and for sharing your love of life with all of us. You are forever an inspiration. As your English teacher in high school once wrote, "you devour life." I'm so glad you're hungry. Love, Mom

Lucia said...

What a beautiful post. And those paintings! Wow! Love that octopus, big-time. It sounds like your life is one enormous gratitude-fest: what an inspiration this was for me as i contemplate the 50-odd inches of snow outside my window - with another blizzard warning for tonight! (Note to self: must practice gratitude while shoveling out the driveway tomorrow morning...)

Anonymous said...

Made me cry!! I hope I'm on your list of Valentines...I feel that I you bunches and all you bring to the world. xoxo ~Krista