Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cadence and Matt Join the Family

Did you know that when you order "hot chocolate (cho-co-la-tay)" in Venice you get a cup of warm brownie batter? Aidan will probably relocate to Italy at some point in his life.

Up bright and early day two, we headed out to find some fun.

While waiting for an exhibit on Leo DaVinci's machines to open, we compared eye colors.

DaVinci was amazing. He was a true Renniasance man, designing hundreds of machines and tools for use in naval warfare, flight, water pumping, pulley lifting, catapulting, castle wall scaling, castle wall protection and much more. He was also a pretty decent painter.

Kieran bought a feather quill with ink. She did not drink all of this wine.

Matt and Cadence flew in from Maine, bragging about all the movies they had watched on Air Lingus. All we watched on our flight over was the backs of the seats in front of our noses.

After dinner in Piazza Santa Margarhita, we showed the boys the place we have stayed the last two trips.

The tower window was the bedroom where Tom and I slept.

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