Monday, January 23, 2012


In 2008, I got sick with a funny little condition that made me shake, made my heart beat really really fast, caused me to lose weight and feel horrible. It was my thyroid, the butterfly-shaped gland at your throat that secretes a hormone that regulates the speed at which your body "runs". Too much thyroid hormone and everything speeds up, too little and it all slows down, energy, mood, bowel movements, you name it. So mine had gone haywire and had shut down, but before going completely down, it drained itself of all of its thyroid hormone reserves. I must have had a lot, because I was sick sick sick for three months.

Some good came of the situation. As the hormone levels approached "normal', I became sort of superhuman. Incredibly creative and courageous, I had visions and plans and ideas that I began implementing immediately.  I self published my first book, Perfectly Imperfect, and I began to make a documentary YOU, about the divine in you. I succeeded in making my family and friends very nervous with my joyous mania and ambitious plans.

Eventually, my thyroid drained completely and I became tired again.  The next year or two revealed a cycle of hypo to hyperactive thyroid that my doctor informed me was the norm for a case like mine. He said that eventually, my thyroid may need to be irradiated and shut down completely with all my thyroid hormone coming from a pill instead.  The last bad cycle was over a year ago, when my thyroid became hyperactive again. The doctor wanted to do a test that involved a radioactive iodine pill, six hours of fasting and a whole day of my precious time wasted. I was unhappy about this, so asked to have it pushed off for a month. During that time I had read about John of God and the channelling of healing entities that he does for anyone who asks this of him down in Brasil. I decided to call the healing entities to work on me here and now. I didn't need a channel. I could be the channel. I meditated every morning and every afternoon, asking for reversal of disease, a healing, loving energy to bathe all of my cells and for the lesson of the illness to be engaged.

I could feel it working. My throat area where my thyroid resides would tingle and warm with what I assumed to be the guides and entities that I called upon to work. Six weeks after I began this routine, my blood work showed a reversal of the condition and although my doctor told me I had gone "Rambo" on him by doing my own thing, he said I was a case for the books.  I told him I did it with meditation.

I call in the healer guides for any and all ailments now. I ask them to aid in the reversal of disease, to regenerate cells that are in need of repair, and to reduce inflammation when that is needed. I ask them to help with headaches, viruses,  injuries and I have sent them in remotely to help lots of different people. The trick is to know that they are there, and call on them for help.

I am lucky. I can always feel the healing energies working. Even if you can't feel them, know that they are there. You can help them by going inside too. Travel into your body, flow with your blood to every cell and if nothing else, thank each cell and organ for the opportunity it provides to you.

Sometimes we need the lesson of the illness to change our course in life, of to bring life in the body to a close. It's ok to not fight it when you know there is a reason, or its just not going away. Opening your heart, quieting your mind and listening will help clarify things.  You do not need to be an aimless victim when it comes to your body and what's going on inside. Much of the chronic diseases we suffer from come from us; from the way we chose to live our lives, express ourselves and use our bodies. The beauty of this situation is that there is a lot of disease reversal and healing that can also come from us, from our intentions, or energetic focus and our expression.  Ask and you shall receive.

February's Candle of the Moon is HEAL THY SELF.


With love, from Shelley

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