Sunday, February 19, 2012

Purr your Way to Peace

I'm noticing that besides us humans, all other animals lead pretty basic lives. They eat, they sleep, they run and play, they burrow or nest, they groom, they fly, swim, crawl or run, and lead their lives simply. They aren't "homeless", "jobless" or poor, they just are.

I have three cats, three hens and a dog. I can tell when they are content. The cats purr, the dog smiles and the hens make sweet sounds as they take their dirt baths in the sun. They all seem to get joy from a good nap in a sunny spot. In honor of the simple life of animals and pure, simple joys, take a nap today. Snuggle under blankets or bask in the warm sun without any guilt whatsoever. Pay homage to the animal in you. Live joyously without attachments or worry. Be completely content and purr your way to peace.

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