Saturday, March 03, 2012


"You're so lucky! I wish I were you"  This is what I used to say when I was a kid and somebody had something I wanted. An ice cream, a new bathing suit, blue and yellow two-toned Vans, whatever it was I coveted, I said this to them as they licked their dripping cone or unwrapped their present.  LUCKILY, things have changed for me.  My BF Jill is going on another dolphin trip in June. This will be her third, although Panama was most decidedly a whale trip more than a dolphin trip since we only saw two dolphins all week but dozens of humpback whales. She took a trip to Hawaii a year and a half ago. I didn't wish I was her then. It could be that a tsunami had just flooded the town she was headed to.  This dolphin trip is different. Its a nice little test for me. Jill is going to Bimini with Aleya, our dear friend who organized the Panama trip. Many of our "whale pod" family will be there again, but there is absolutely no way I can go because Kieran will be graduating from elementary school and I wouldn't dream of missing something like that.  What I realized is, that request I made so many times actually has happened. Jill is "me"! When she goes, she takes me with her in spirit. I AM so lucky!! I feel nothing but empathic joy for her in having this adventure. I really am so lucky.

Jill's Dolphin
Baby humpback waving "hi"
Panama sunset

Making a moment magical

I'm so lucky I didn't reveal any more breast then that.

Ancient petroglyph at White Lotus

Stormwatch '10

We so lucky!

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