Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pulling the Death Card

Pulling the death card from the tarot deck can be a cause for alarm for some. I see it as an opportunity to celebrate. It means death of the old ways. It means a complete deconstruction of old patterns. It means things are gonna be a wee bit hairy for awhile. Not that I've been having fun with it, but I know it's important to fully fall apart in order to become a better me.

For the monarch caterpillar, the skin has to be shed many times during it's short life. As it grows, it must break through it's old sheath and grow a better fitting skin. I imagine this is uncomfortable. I know it is. I believe I have shed a few skins in my lifetime. When the death comes for the caterpillar, it actually liquifies itself in its chrysalis, completely reorganizing its cells to become a different insect altogether. Different, but the same.

The death card is like this. A total deconstruct is necessary before a newly reorganized self can emerge. This week has felt like this for me. A complete falling apart of my emotions. A panicking liquification of my sense of who I am. An energetic implosion and hopefully a rebirth.  The point is, I know that I must maintain courage through the deconstruct. I must simply breathe and trust. I can use meditation, naps, books, tears, cookies, and lots of forgiveness of myself through this important stretching; this invited and welcomed metamorphosis.

Another way of looking at it is if you're going to be in the muck, you might as well get good and dirty. Just a loving reminder to all my caterpillar friends, we can do this. Hang in there. Together we will soar!

All my love,


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