Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Please Come Back

What follows is a link to my mom, Kathy Neches'  blog. She said what I wanted to say much better than I could have, so if you are inclined to trust me, read her blog first.  My blog is a mere commentary on a very important subject.

Mom's Blog

Over the weekend a beautiful soul attempted to take her own life. She had EVERYTHING to live for. She was a college student, an athlete, and a twin. It saddens me so much to think about a perfect vessel for life's experiences, destroyed because of pain and sadness that was perceived to be unending. Life never gives you any circumstance that will not eventually change. I have been telling my daughter lately, as she is feeling the ache of a broken friendship, that we came into this life to feel. We came to feel love and pain as much as to feel joy and betrayal. We came for the full experience and the whole experience enriches us. As adults, we have lived through enough broken hearts and loss to know that the pain does, eventually pass. The presents of being in the present are like beautifully wrapped gifts, absolute surprises that we could never have dreamed of. These are worth bearing the pain for. These presents are our reward for going to sleep instead of killing ourselves, when we are in a very dark place.

Sam is in a deep coma, her light may not be totally gone, but I call out to her soul to hang on, and come back. Please Baby, be the miracle and return to finish what you started. I know you won't regret it.

Love, Shelley

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