Friday, June 08, 2012

Being Herself

My daughter, Kieran has done a very good job of "being herself". Maybe because she has me as her cheerleader, maybe because she is heavily gifted as an artist, maybe because she likes herself enough, ...she has been consistent in her style and sense of self for a good twelve years (O.K., I helped with the first seven or so...).

 Never afraid of taking a "bad" picture, she photographs herself at all angles.

My girl loves hats. She loves this vest. She also loves the fringed boots you can barely see here.
She wore that vest most days this school year. It was her signature piece. She added a pocket watch with a chain and made it her "waistcoat".

 She asked for a skateboard for her birthday but instead of learning to ride, she created pulley system with Aidan as her motor.

Kieran also asked for a real top hat for her birthday. Poppy Tom and Grandma Kitty ordered one from a hat maker in Boston. This makeup is part of an artistic photo shoot she did with her friends. She was the artistic director.

Kieran earned the role of Captain James Hook in Peter Pan.
She has never played a role so convincingly. ( She is just 12, though).

When running the State Street Mile last Sunday, she wore her waistcoat and beloved pirate hat.
 Now that's self confidence!

Kieran had a vision about what she would wear to her 6th grade graduation from elementary school. It involved her new top hat. I admit, I love her style and helped her along as only a mother can.

Kieran and her sisters.

Kieran and her best friends.

As a footnote, Kieran's first grade teacher confessed to me as we were leaving the campus yesterday, that she confiscated a drawing Kieran did of an MTD bus that caught fire during their field trip on "our community".  She told me, "When I saw the quality of those flames, I had a feeling.... a knowing, that someday this child will be famous." 

I would bet on that too.

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