Thursday, June 28, 2012

Colors of June

The kids and I went to Alabama in early June, before the full moon and the Venus transit of the sun. We had a glorious time. When I scanned the pics on my iphone I was completely enamored with the colors. 

The South is energetically very special. It feels like a place of sweet birthing. It is raw and open hearted, sometimes fearful and rude, it's like a child, making big mistakes in the effort to grow into a richly experienced adult. I love the history and the nature. I love the warm humid air. I love the sweet southern drawl and I most definitely love to be called "Darlin'". Here are a few "postcards" from the warm, barefoot southern ease of June.
Kieran and Aidan in velcro suits at the Exporitorium in Mobile

Down by the water's edge in Steph and Ted's backyard

The bluebird box is housing a nesting pair of bug-eyed flying squirrels with a watchlizard

Alex models ALL of the sweatbands I brought Steph for her birthday

Kieran couldn't enjoy the pool until she had cleared every single large insect and frog from the pool,
carefully rescuing all who had signs of life

Aidan reading, poolside

Dock at lake

My beautiful daughter

My sister has found her fire at 45!

Only a little while more of this

Real gator just in its habitat. This is not a zoo.

Dont swim in the brackish water or the lakes. Gators own those waters.

I love the history in Mobile. This fort was built before the revolutionary war. BEFORE America became America.

Tiny frog

I loved the stir this picture created. Kieran's friend Erin has an app on her ipod that changes hair color.
 I asked her to do me purple. I've always wanted purple hair.
I got more comments and "likes" on FB than I did on my major fossil find.

My boy is special! This is a baby slide in 24 inches of water.

Kieran is in heaven with this little tree frog in her hair
She was careful to relocate her new friend to a safe spot on the dock.

Aidan was elated to find his own frog

Kieran wanted to hold it (of course)

Who wore it better?
One of the things I have learned by visiting the South is to not judge, but to approach each thing with the unbiased eyes of a child. I even took a shot of the target cucumber myself. I'm not a natural.

We drove to Seaside Florida. The kids ate grilled cheese at The Meltdown

I am so fortunate to be present for all these precious moments.

The sand is a course, white sugar. The water is warm but refreshing. 

Steph said we could NOT go to the beach here (under the freeway bridge). She said it was too redneck for her. I think the ziplock baggie full of live hermit crabs on somebody's cooler did it for her.

"What the heck! MOM!! Aidan is getting his shorts wet!!!"

a great place to build a castle

and ride a wave

I'll be 44 in September!

Me and Steph


This pic exemplifies our three nights in the Destin Hampton Inn behind the outlet mall. We were all six in one room.

I took candid shots like this because they always complain that they didn't have fun, but they seemed to almost always be laughing.

Kieran's first ride on an electric scooter


I loved playing tennis with Steph. Again, I just cleared my mind of fear, self criticism and payed attention to the ladies around me, Voila, I can play tennis!

For some reason, we all love the Bass Pro Shop.  Well, Aidan loves it.

At the movies

still smiling and laughing together.

Mindcraft in the kitchen

Ari was busy working. I had to steal this shot in between Aidan's shooting practice.

Steph, Ted and Indie had to attend a wedding on our last night.

I took the kids out to dinner at the Oyster House. It was a perfect evening.

This gator tried to surprise Aidan

On the way to the airport

a moment captured in an airport.

I love my life. The colors of June have been beautiful.


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